True Value of Damaged Assets - Salvage Recovery

We buy & sell Commercial Business property settlements.


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Whatever the perils a business or institution covers their property against,  life happens & with it inventory, equipment, machinery or other property gets damaged & selling that property is often the best remedy for all parties.

The true value of damaged property is in the opportunity seized by all parties (Seller & Buyer) handling the insurance salvage to benefit from the sale.


Property from commercial insurance settlements which have a salvageable substance will be SOLD for a competitive monetary recovery, rather than the final dispensation being an order to landfills. 

Natural acts of God & man-made “slick moves” (accidents) bring loss & with it opportunity.


Our buyers generally have the expertise within their niche to re-manufacture and rebuild or repair any damaged property resulting from the business peril which reduced the original value and operational capacity of the asset.


Our buyers have their business structured to find gain from loss and net a good ROI from their investment in these often overlooked deals; They understand how to use something saved from damage & put to further use.


A business such as yours who is dialed-in your-niche will have interest in buying my damaged commercial property salvage. Why because you will on average have a better business model, both in quality of asset and ROI.


Your business model for restoring, reconditioning, rebuilding, repairing, re-manufacturing walking hand in hand with a salvageable asset. Those who can dial into their specialty niche can re-certify or place under warranty, etc. adding more value to their market.



Some salvage we sell is new & unused. It may be because it was lost in shipping, theft recovery or the good remains of a property loss having only damage to a small portion of the whole which was claimed.


Whether it is a warehouse of inventory, a truck that had a bumpy ride, or new equipment installed for a short time because of business interruption coverages, there are all kinds of quality equipment & machinery that can be found.


A lot of the insurance salvage we sell has a reusable or repairable, refurbish-able, rebuild-able or secondary market value.

We’re looking for adjusters & carriers selling their business property losses & buyers that are not afraid of dealing with damaged or surplus assets with a history.


Some salvage we deal in are actually new equipment | machinery just purchased and solely used for usually a short time (days to months) to aid business to fully recover.


Our damaged Commercial Property Salvage will possess a surviving value after being partially damaged by the peril, like a roof collapse, AC failure, load shift during transportation or other covered risk is salvage. Don’t think of ‘salvage’ or ‘salvage sales’ as just scrap because it usually holds much more value.


Yet, some salvage sales deals are just parts machines, however we rarely try to deal with real scrap. The Equipment, Machinery or Inventory for which we have Salvage for sale, often is already usable or quickly repairable.


However, some even minimally damaged commercial property salvage although still resellable in prime or secondary markets are required to be destroyed, because of policy contracts & name brand protection, or for lack of sufficient salvage sales successful offers.

We help insurance carriers (companies) reduce their net loss settlement payouts to maximize recovery results by buying and selling their salvageable settlement assets for a reasonable but reduced price from their original value.


Besides our focus we’re also dealing with many general types of Commercial property like: salvage trucks for sale, industrial equipment salvage, damaged bulldozers, hail damaged horse trailers-for-sale, utility trailersgolf cart used, Metalworking machinery, and more.


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