February 17, 2019

Always interested in ANY buyers of any type of specialized niche. We do try to focus on a handful of tight bread & butter niches, however in the natural course of things we do run into quite a bit of everything.

We sell to Dismantlers, Rebuilders, Dealers, Companies and individuals who deal with minimal to major damaged equipment, machinery or electronics which can be used for either a parts system or rebuild | reman projects.

Some damaged Equipment | Machinery | Electronic Niches we see more repeating deals in than others. Whatever you niche if you buy from or sell to secondary markets OR you restore or re-certify your repair projects – Share your interests with me along with you contact info.

Medical, CT, Imaging, Diagnostics Equipment, for sale
CT Medical Imaging Equipment for Diagnostics are one of our specialties

We love single piece equipment losses OR entire Hospital floor salvage deals.

Data Center equipment, often new or with minor scratch and dent damage
Another of our specialty equipment niche areas of focus.

We see quite a few Datacenter equipment deals, and a good number of them have minimal if any damage.

Mills and other Metalworking machinery, are one of the general salvage deals that we sell.
General Salvage Equipment Example.

Under some of the General salvage gear that we sell, we run into quite the gambit of opportunities. Get on my list for your niche!

Often we get lost in freight or new undamaged equipment for sale.
Several New in the OEM Crate GCMS lab equipment sold for salvage.

New Equipment in OEM crates can be lost in transit or some sensor tripped during its journey causing it to be rejected. I’ve even seen new CNC machinery that the new owner saw it’s size on delivery, and decided he didn’t want it making a false claim that they mishandled the delivery. We see all kinds of assets, from over turned trucks, to equipment which was barley used.

Power Generation Equipment usually fully functional available for sell.
Generator Equipment

Everyone want’s power generation equipment, but not everyone want’s to pay a reasonable number for it, if you can, I’m always looking for people who can bid, act and perform ASAP. These deals go quick, the best of the best go in minutes on the first call. But not all buyers buy everything or throw a number at everything, I’m looking for power players who move generators of all kinds.

Another Niche we focus on, sheet-fed, offset, lithographic, printing press equipment
Another Niche we sell & looking for buyers with, Printing Press machinery equipment

We focus on deals where everyone can benefit. We look for buyers of all types of salvage machinery & equipment, from high internet technology electronics to industrial specialty equipment.

With peril comes opportunity! Are you capable of repairing damaged equipment? If you can transform a mishap into a profitable deal for yourself, we want you as our buyer.

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