Scratch-&-dent DataCenter Gear Sale

Telecom, Cloud Technology, Enterprise Data Center Hardware sales

February 18, 2019

One of the three main focus areas we work in buying & selling damaged equipment is in the IT/Telecom, Cloud High-Technology Enterprise Data center and affiliated hardware sector.

Quite a few of our Internet Technologies assets we get are from some type of damage in shipping. It could be something simple as a scratch or ding/dent. It could be the metal doors need to be replaced or it could be as bad as a bent rack.

We do occasionally run into data-center gear that is off-lease, however most of it is either new, or pre-owned from as little as a few hours to years.

Just about anything you can find in a data center environment, we run into, however we try to stick to servers, blades, appliances, etc. Some of the technology equipment we get is listed below.

CLOUD Technology Systems, Seismic & Open Compute (OPC) server racks, Main Switchgear, Blades, Security Appliances, SAN & SSD data storage units, storage networks, HPE server network hardware, firewall, Liebert Air Conditioning units (& other CRACS), Servers, Server racks with or without equipment, Network Racks, switches, manual & automatic ATS, Smart UPS units, CPS, PDU’s, Power Circuit Breakers, Backup generators, refurbished servers, or other IT hardware & appliances some with warranty although most not.

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