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Salvage Sale Opportunity 2013 SchwarzE A7000 Specialty equipment Municipal Street Sweeper Truck.

February 20, 2019

Salvage Sale 2013 SchwarzE A7000 Regenerative Air Sweeper Truck

It’s Not a total loss so don’t lose out on a great return on investment – Repairs needed.

WE sell quality salvage specialty equipment DEALS all the time. Don’t mentally price this truck out of the market for yourself with assumptions on the final sale price.

One of largest Municipal Street Sweeper, heavy-duty, chassis-mounted, regenerative air. Highly efficient Schwarze system ensures hard-to-reach particles hidden within pavement cracks, corners & irregularities are removed.
This is a highly efficient system which ensures that even hard-to-reach particles hidden within pavement cracks and irregularities are removed

SchwarzE Industries Vacuum Sweeper Truck Had accident. It’s a salvageable sale we’re looking for offers on, currently located in Florida.

A heavy-duty, chassis-mounted, regenerative air street sweeper equipment handles demanding road sweeping applications. Make me an offer!

sweeper collects the micron-sized contaminants that accumulate on roads and streets

Underside view; make offer on this specialty equipment salvage sweeper.

2013 Municipal SchwarzE Vacuum Sweeper Truck Brushes on it's good side. Model A7000 for sale.
Would like to sell it from location, so let me know; 6 29 2018 purchased used

Will consider for sale any reasonable offer. There was no apparent significant damage on a walk around inspection to this world renown brand name vacuum sweeper truck, SchwarzE. Has only 2100 Hours on it.

Looks like a nice salvage vacuum sweeper truck needing some TLC. Is your purchasing department looking for a deal with capable in-house mechanics to bring this back to fully functional operations?

Watch and pause the video, it has more pictures about this truck than posted here.

This preownedSchwarzE Industries Truck has DUAL Steering to ensure great vacuum sweeper results.

Is this type of gear is near your wheelhouse of operations? Do you buy and sell industrial or commercial trucks? Do you fix or repair over the road equipment? If so, this SchwarzE sweeper truck sale will give you a good ROI.

Email Me or Give me an offer & lets move forward with a sale.

This commercial truck salvage sale was purchased to help you with a decent ROI, if you can share the pie so will we.