HDPE Gas Pipe

March 5, 2019

HDPE DR7 PE4710 pipe for sale immediate sale make offer asap

Salvage for sale on 10 sections of pipe with minor damage, the salvage is for immediate sale

IPS 22″ x 50′ DR 7 GAS pipe

PE4710 ASTM F2619 API 15LE 50 foot joints (Ten total joints) 40,295.5 lb. “PE fusion joining” Weldable-pipe

Line Pipe intended for high- temperature Industrial, mining, oil and gas gathering applications 

GAS PIPE, scratched IPS 22"x50' salvage sale asap
Scratch Dent HDPE GAS Pipe 22″x50′ DR-7 Gas

Urgent HDPE pipe offer needed

Scratch & dent sale, but this one you don’t have any time to sneeze.

Shipping Tag DR-7 Gas Pipe, minor damage, for sale
Shipping product specification on 500 feet DR-7 Gas pipe for sale because of scratches
D7 Salvage Pipe for sale with scratches insurance loss
Scratches HDPE gas D7 pipe salvage sale

Salvage HDPE pipe for sale (scratches) – Make me an offer – Text 281-905-1574 these are full length HDPE DR7 PE4710 joints for sale

This hdpe pipe is for oil & gas, coal-bed shale & landfill methane recovery, brine supply lines, oilfield water  designed for use in the Industrial and Utility markets.

Auction hdpe pipe sale overstock | surplus | damaged salvage deal.

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