FOR Sale; IBM & HP Quantum LTO Tape Drives

March 21, 2019

LTO-5, LTO-7 Internal Tape Drives

StorNext AEL6000 Archive: Scalar i6000 is the most feature-rich and technically advanced enterprise tape library available for secure & reliable data protection

Native Fibre Channel Dual

Designed to Continue to operate despite failures of library components or even failures of SAN fabric.

Scalar AEL6000 ~ 700 licensed slots, 4.4PB Storage Manager License / 8x LTO-7 Drives With Ethernet Management Blades / Dual Robotics / Dual IE Stations

Provide robust security & reliability with high-performance for small and medium-size businesses.

5IBMQuantumLTO5 UDS3 Dual FC, 8G Tape Drive
1HPQuantum9/14/23U HP LTO5 UDS3 Dual FC,
8G, SNW Tape Drive
8IBMQuantumScalar i6000 IBM LTO7
Native Dual FC Tape Drive
1IBMQuantumScalar i6000 & AEL6000 IBM
LTO7 EDLM scanning tape drive


  • StorNext AEL6000 Archive CM3 700 Licensed slots
  • SEM3 No IE, Scalar i6000
  • Drive Ready Expansion Module with 24 Slot IE Station (DREM3-IE24), Scalar i6000
  • 8: Scalar i6000 IBM LTO7 Native Dual FC Tape Drive
  • Quantum Scalar i6000 & AEL6000 IBM LTO7 EDLM Scanning Tape Drive
  • 5: CRU, Drive ASM, HP LTO5, UDS3, FC, 8G, Quantum
  • CRU, Drive ASM, 9/14/23U, HP LTO5, UDS3, FC, 8G, SNW, Quantum

LTO backup drives for sale
Working Tape Backup drives for sale in New Zealand

More Pictures on request.

LTO7, LTO5, Tape drives, For Sale
New Zealand Tape drives for sale

LSNDA-C000-007C: Quantum StorNext AEL6000 Archive Control Module (CM3), 700 licensed slots, no tape drives, no library expansion modules Includes a Scalar i6000 Control Module with 24-slot I/E Station and 700 licensed slots (for the library and Storage Manager); licensed Storage Manager capacity for the 700 activated slots which is the equivalent of ~1.75PB with LTO-6 media and ~1.05PB with LTO-5 media. Also includes a library EDLM license (no scanning drives), StorNext API (SNAPI) software, barcode labels (1-400 LTO) and documentation CD.

LSC6K-AEMD-001C: Quantum AEL6000 Drive Ready Expansion Module DREM3 configured to support 24 tape drives Gen2 libraries (robot & electronics)

 High drive and storage density without impacting robot performance

LSC6K-AEMC-001C: Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Library Expansion Module – 456 Mail Slots – Fibre Channel

LSC6K-ARPS-001G: Quantum Scalar I6000 AEL6000 Control Mod CM3 DREAM3 redundant power 2N

LSC2K-AIES-001A: Quantum Scalar i2000/i600024-Slot Import/Export (I/E) Station for Expansion Module Includes 24 LTO import/export slots.

LSC6K-ATDJ-L7BD: Quantum Scalar AEL6000 IBM LTO-7 Tape Drive Module, 8Gb Native Fibre Channel, Dual Port Includes Ethernet expansion blade when required every 6th tape drive added & required ethernet cables.

LSC6K-AEDL-B7AA: Quantum Scalar I6000 And Ael6000 IBM LTO EDLM Scanning tape drive Includes one LTO-7 EDLM scanning tape drive for use with the Scalar i6000 & AEL6000 EDLM iLayer feature. Required EDLM  license included with  AEL6000. This drive supports EDLM scanning of LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7 media. Required EEB blades & Ethernet blades included where needed.

LSC6K-ATDJ-LSBD: Quantum Scalar i6000 & AEL6000 Gen 2.0 IBM LTO-5 tape drive module 8GB native fibre channel dual port

LSC6K-ADRU-000A: Quantum Scalar AEL6000 Dual Robot & Left parking module Upgrade, includes a second redundant Gen2 robot with parking module installed left of control module.

LSC2K-APAR-001A: Quantum AEL6000 Partitioning Option License Key up to 16 host-managed partitions.

LSC2K-AADR-001A: Quantum Scalar i6000 Advanced Reporting Option License Key includes Drive Resource Utilization, Media Integrity Analysis, Media Health and Usage, and Media Removal Security Notifications. Included scheduling utility automating report creation & distribution. Once license is required per Scalar i6000 & only one for library; not transferable to other libraries.

This Data Center Back up system is located in Australia. It’s been in use and is being used now to make backups.
Quantum ,StorNext, AEL6000, Archive, Tape Drive
Data Center Tape Backup Hardware
Scalar®, i6000, Tape Library, FOR SALE, StorNext, Tape Archives, LSC
Quantum Scalar ael6000 Tape Drive system

Call Me: Robert @ 281-905-1574

Watch the two following videos for the pictures. If you want the pics in higher quality, just text me and I’ll send you the link.

PART one, pictures for data center backup technology

Claimed to have been involved in an insurance claim concerning moisture condensation within a data tape library room incorporating Quantum Scalar i6000 tape library system.

No condensation was known to have occurred to the tape drives mounted in the robotic tape library facilities, however the insured negotiated replacement of all tapes and tape drives with insurers.

All drives are understood to be in working condition.

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