Neuro Carl Zeiss Pantero

Carl Zeiss Pentero For Sale

March 28, 2019

Zeiss Microscope for sale with some scratches and dings

Carl Zeiss Pentero 900 was secure in original factory protective shipping container when event happened

Late Model Zeiss Pentero is equipped with intraoperative fluorescents including a FLO800 and yellow 560 lamps, face to face configuration, multivision and custom profiles for surgeon and patient.

2014 OPMI Pentero 900 with binocular Multi-Vision

SuperLux 330 illumination with 2x3000W Xenon lamp

Integrated Fluorescence Module IR 800 NTSC

FLOW 800 integrated fluorescence module and Neuromonitoring Kit

Pentero scope was dropped during handling while in its protective crate; Refurbished with 100 Hours

Carl Zeiss 2014 OPMI Pentero 900 Neuro Microscope for sale with reasonable offer

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