Baa Lamb Spoil meat4

1 Container Lamb Meat for sale not for human consumption

April 18, 2019

Baa Baa spoiled LAMB meat sold for animal or pet food.

Insurance salvage offers are being accepted for this cargo claim.

Selling Spoiled Waste Food to Pet Food buyers.

FOOD Ingredient buyer selling through animal feed applications, contact me.

This is a Container OR Truckload Quantity Available.

This Food & Ingredients classified unsuitable or unsafe for human consumption. This LAMB Salvage offering is unsuitable for consumption by man.

1,298 cartons of Lamb that can only be sold for pet food/animal feed.

If you are interested In providing an offer for the cargo you will also need to provide your reuse plan for the cargo itself to be approved prior to acceptance of your bid.

Food ingredients suppliers / buyers send me your offers.

Temperature records show temp going out of proper storage range 3 times.

Reason for out of temp fluctuation began from a fire during transport. The generators were not working.

The temperature within the container appears to have exceeded its upper limit of 6°C for a period of approximately 48 hours. 

The lamb was showing signs of damage during stripping.

There were as many as 12 different cuts of lamb in each container. The lamb cuts were individually vacuum sealed inside each outer carton. The weights inside each carton varied along with the amount depending on the type of cut.

Raw Intact both BONE IN & Boneless 03C Individually Vacuum packed – Wrapped Lamb: Australia is the source country.

Insurance Out of Temp Lamb shipping damage loss sold for good salvage offer

Inspecting several cartons of each type of meat reveal following:

  • Shortloin Saddle Emanating odor, leaking, gaseous pockets
  • Foreshank Appears sound
  • Foreshank Appears sound
  • Shank Frenched Appears sound
  • Rump Appear sound
  • Chump Appears sound
  • Square Cut Shoulder Excess Purge, possibly sound
  • Butterflied Leg Purge, possibly sound
  • Square Shoulder Leaking blood from open seal, purge
  • Leg Chump Possible odor, excessive purge
  • Rack Small gaseous pockets in vacuum seal
  • Frenched Rack Discoloration

Aerobic Plate Count (APC) was 57 million, confirming meat is spoiled.