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Carrara Marble Stone Slabs in quantity -for sale- Make offer

May 2, 2019

Distributors & Importers welcome, Italian marble for sale.

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Nice marble slabs offer needed immediately

Take a discount and save on this quality Tuscany stone surface inventory. There’s a lot of inventory available.

More details on this beautiful ItalianCarrara White Marble soon. Target Date for updates is week of May 6th.

Looking for marble & granite products for your natural stone business? Make me an offer!

This is some of the most well known highest quality marble available.

Immediate bulk slabs available for your next stone surface project.

Manufacturers & installers if you deal with natural earth stones like granite make be an offer below what you pay wholesale. Decision will be swift.

Don’t let market Carrara marble prices scare you away from bidding.

Good opportunity to buy cheap tuscan marble inventory lower than your favorite granite outlet or importers.

This is a salvage sale, but as you can see, the stones look nice. Request to get on my list when I take new pictures and have more information as to quantity and sizes.

Three larger and one smaller sections of remaining salvageable marble. The measurements are close but may not be all exact because I was measuring my myself in a dark storage portion of a parking garage.

[Marble ( smaller Section 1) total 8 pieces]: 24×72 6-pieces; 20×72 2-pieces. Thickness appeared to be 6 pieces at 1-1/4”, 1 section was about 1” another 3/4”

[Marble (larger Section 2) total 22 pieces]: 35-3/8×59 3-pieces, 24×41, 24×43, 60×17-1/2 2 pieces, 41×26, 34×58, 40×60, 46×55, 48×55  2-pieces, 48×60, 41×51, 41×58, 41×50 2-pieces, 41×63, 48×50, 48×39, 1-piece didn’t measure.

[Marble (larger Section 3) total 27 pieces]: 24×42-1/2 6-pieces, 59-3/4×42-1/4 8-pieces, 34-3/4×50 4-pieces, 1-small (short & long piece), 45×49-1/2 2-pieces, 39-1/4×42, 37×50 2-pieces, 42×61, 44×61, 40×61

[Marble (larger Section 4) total 18 pieces]: 17-1/4×72, 17×49, 17×60, 40×25 3-pieces, 50×41, 50×43 3-pieces, 51×42, 59-1/2×42, 50×42, 59×35-1/2, 4-pieces didn’t measure.

I will embed a video of some of the photos I took today from front and side angles of each portion of marble that’s available. If you need more photos, let me know. I did notice at least one section of larger marble towards the back which appeared to have at least a partial crack towards the edge about several inches from the edge on one side, there were a few pieces that had small minor chips around the edges of the marble the size of a thumb of small finger.

There were two types of marble I noted. One was white with some streaking through it and some was grayish, both are said to be Italian Stone.

Marble Slabs for sale Reclaimed & Salvaged First Quality Materials part1
Quality Salvage Marble Houston Texas FOR SALE make offer
Marble Slabs for sale Reclaimed & Salvaged First Quality Materials part2
Part 2 video Carrara Marble & other Italian marble Slabs for sale, salvage sale of quality stone make offer ASAP, located Houston Texas

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