Pharmaceutical Process Equipment for sale

May 10, 2019

This offering is in related to one of our specialty niches I generally classify as Medical, anything related to the health industry, pharma, even occasional pharmaceutical inventory, to surgical supplies or ‘OR’ / ‘ER’ equipment/instruments or supplies, imaging and the likes.

The following I would consider as SURPLUS Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Gear listed below is for sale preferably as a whole lot but will consider dividing if price (Offer) is right. Some of these instruments and equipment may also be used in: Analytical Instruments / Chemistry lab apparatus; Biology / Microbiology; General Use lab; Medical / Clinical laboratory Equipment; Petroleum / Biofuel Lab gear besides just equipment used in capsule manufacturing.

USED Process equipment slanted for Pharma like the tablet coater or Used Capsule Filling Machine – Used Encapsulation Machines – however there are three pieces that are routinely used in laboratories (LCMS & HPLC)

Glatt 60 inch Auto Coating System Tablet Coater Type GC-1500 (Coating pans)

Buhler SDV1300 16×51 (16″ x 51″) Extra Large Production Three Roll Mills (TRMs)

There two (2) of these Buhler SDV1300 16×51 extra-large production three roll mills (TRMs)

Waters Micromass Quattro Micro LC/MS quattro micro QA 290 mass spectrometer

Micromass Quattro Ultima LC Mass Spectrometer high performance bench-top triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

Cozzoli auto stopper machine RS150 high production batch washer

Arenco metal tube filler|sealer AM500

Sancoa High Speed Pressure Sensitive vertical roller Labeler, Model VR1000L

Waters Alliance 2695 Separation high performance liquid chromatographic system (HPLC)

Metrolift SS drum elevator

IMA SC1000 Capsule Feeding and Selecting Unit

MG2 Futura Encapsulator

MG2 Futura Hard Gel Capsule Filler


One of these pieces is said to be new, but you should consider all of these items simply used lab/pharma manufacturing/production equipment.

Location Upstate. Looking for your fair number/offer on the whole list preferably. If you want some substantial pieces, let me know what items you need and the prince you want & we’ll see what we can do.