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For Sale Salvage York Chiller YVAA air screw liquid

May 13, 2019

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Air Cooled Screw Liquid Chiller damaged while unloading

Manufacturer is York & Location is Freeport Texas
Description: Air-Cooled Screw Liquid Chiller 

Model: YVAA0413HLG42BA/R1341
US Dollar Value: $144,331.32 

We’re talking offers for this HVAC equipment – salvageable chiller for sale

Copper piping bent upward and header appeared out of alignment.

Chiller support frame heavily bent, crushed and distorted out of shape.

Internal cooling fin distorted from incident

Hardware bent | twisted in various areas

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Salvage Sale Offering: York chiller screw compressor

YVAA Air-cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller

direct-drive, semi-hermetic rotary twin-screw compressors incorporate advanced technology

UNIT TYPE: YORK Chiller Air Cooled Screw Design Series A

The Latest in air-cooled chiller technology

Compressors have 50% fewer moving parts than fixed speed compressors with slide valves

The evaporator is a shell and tube, hybrid falling film type heat exchanger. 

Condenser is a microchannel coil.

Repairable HVAC from a delivery accident, make your offer ASAP this salvage deal will not be around long.

Salvage Chiller make immediate offer

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Insurance Salvage HVAC Commercial equipment is one area we get on and off on a regular basis which I classify as “GENERAL Salvage” deals… I’d say this is common through the year, if you bid on damaged air conditioning gear for parts or for repairs or rebuild – let me have your contact details.