WA Hay was near suppressed fire has smoke odor otherwise fine

1200 tons Hay, grass forage feedstock usable inventory with smoke odor damage Salvage straw bales for sale

May 15, 2019

Usable hay has absorbed smoke odor from farm fire next to barn. TRUCK LOADS & TRUCKLOADS of Grass & Hay are for sale as one LOT 1200 tons approx. all together.

Facts of Loss:  Fire burned down the processing barn and hay press. 

Surviving Bales of straw hay are mixed grasses and available for deep discounts for the right buyer.

The fire smoke ran across the open face of the surviving barn (closed wall faced the burning barn to the west and open long wall faces south).. smoke ran west to east and did not settle within the storage barn.

Water was sprayed on the surviving hay at the west end 1/8th heavily – and lightly on the remaining 7/8 section as prevention for fire.

PHOTOS OF HAY: FIRST PHOTO IS WEST END OF STORAGE BARN where 1/7th the length of barn was heavily watered down. SEE Video & photo Posted above.

Types of Hay – mixed –> Alfalfa – Timothy – Orchard Grass – Sudan Grass – Orchard Grass Straw.

The remainder was lightly sprayed. Loss occurred 7th May.

We understand that hay is sold by bale. But we are in beginning stages of handling loss. So only have approximation of 1200 tons surviving.

This sender smelled around the surviving barn – and there was no sign of singe from heat of fire and smoke smell was not heavy or intolerable.

The producer is still going to sell some bales of hay to local farmers – but we’d like to have offers on a per ton basis inclusive of transportation.

SALVAGE Sale FARM Straw HAY Feed Inventory for sale send me your bid.