Freesun Solar Inverter as delivered

Freesun Solar Inverter, model # FS1835CU Salvage Sale offering

May 23, 2019

Solar panel outdoor utility-scale power inverter for a commercial solar farm was damaged in shipping – salvage offers being accepted now!

Shipping damage utility grade PV inverter: Manufactured by Power Electronics and is designated as a Freesun Solar Inverter, model # FS1835CU – Reportedly, this power inverter was damage while in transit.

This Commercial Solar Panel Inverter was shipped from the manufacturer’s facility in Spain via an ocean freighter, stored at a freight yard in the United States, and finally delivered to the intended destination.

The unit had to be lifted with a crane from loading dock to truck, truck to ship, ship to truck, truck to yard, yard to truck, and finally truck to concrete pad located adjacent to the solar panel field.

Original purchase price of this Power Electronics commercial grade solar inverter is $176,400.00

Upon delivery the solar farm walk around inspection determined that this Free Sun Solar Inverter having damage to three locations.

The first location was to the bottom and front of the inverter’s frame. The greatest degree of impact appears to be to the bottom, front, and left corner of the inverter. It should be noted that the resulting stress crack shows no signs of corrosion. This indicates that this impact was recent.

The second point of impact was to the top, center edge of the front façade. Corrosion forming at this point of impact. This indicates that this damage is not recent.

The third point of impact was to the panel latch handle located to the rear, center door. There is observed some corrosion forming at this impact point, as well.

It was observed that of the eighteen (18) access panel doors (front and back), four (4) would not open. This is due to the misalignment of the Freesun frame.

Accepting buy offers/bids on this Photovoltaic power station inverter.

The engineer who inspected it says: I believe that this unit was dropped from a height of about 1-2 feet and it landed on the front and left corner.  The impact to the bottom, front is what concerns me most. In fact, the damage to the frame causes the whole unit to tip (lean) noticeably forward. Also, the damage to the frame impinged a few of the access panels preventing them from opening…. the internal components within the cabinet are above the point of damage.

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