Console Ambulance Horton

2008/2009 Horton medium duty Freightliner FL50 ambulance

May 24, 2019
Serviced Ambulance ready for a second life

Runs: FOR SALE Fully LED inside -For Sale- 178K miles fully serviced, Make offer | Bid

Medium duty emergency vehicle for sale

Horton Emergency Vehicle Company: MFG ID Number 13721: MFG Dec. 2008: 2008/9 Freightliner Ambulance

FL-623-IWT – Freightliner Chassis

VIN on request

Headlights low beam & all FMVSS running lights

Ambulance Manufacturers division Standard 005 12 Volt DC

Quick Interior video of Ambulance
  • Engine:  Mercedes MBE900-250
  • Transmission:  Allison 2200 EVS 
  • Tires:  245/70R19.5
  • Curb Weight 15409
  • Total Usable Payload 4591
  • Gross Weight Max 20000
Part 2 of 3 part video inside Transport Unit

Nice medium duty ambulance, Taking offers

Located in Conroe Texas

Short video of the cab of this transport unit