EFI Vutek GS3250LX new communications parts replaced but non properly fully working printer salvage for sale

June 4, 2019

VUTEk GS3250LX for Salvage Looking for Bidder who can move forward with the following:

EFI-VUTEk GS3250LX & heavy-duty unwind

The printer was replaced with all new controls but the plant it was installed in says the machine doesn’t fully function the way they need. SO a claim was accepted and this is available for salvage offers.

Production-level “cool cure” LED UV Wide-Format Digital Inkjet Color Printer.

High-Volume Printer | Superwide Printer | Inkjet Printing and Proofing | Grand Format | LED Curing Technology | Really Thin substrates like film capable to THICK WOODS.

Communication controls have been replaced with ALL brand new parts. It is approximately 7 years old. So vintage is possible 2012 or 2013.

As I get more details on the background, I will update here, however it’s best to contact me so I can keep you first in the loop on this salvage EFI Vutek gs3250 for sale.

Offer wanted ASAP

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