Corning Fiber Optic Cable shipping damage

Corning 864EV4-14100D53 SST-UltraRibbon™ Single- Tube, Gel-Free Cable SALVAGE FOR SALE

June 28, 2019

Corning sst-ultraRibbon single tube gel free 864 count single mode (os2) part number 864EV4-14100D53 with 24 cables per ribbon 36 ribbons in cable.

4 reels located In Wisconsin: Two reels oriented inner end up and two down.

Although wrapped up
Some dirt and debris on outer layer
Cable marked
Corning optical cable

Tested with a EXFO FTB-7300E-234B-EA

4 fiber cables with non reflective loss 12,5 feet

One reel had 45 degree damage partly missing

Had mechanical damage

Another reel had fractures at 7717 and 7718 feet
Suspect impact damage

Another reel had mechanic damage
No visible cable damage

Had seven cables with non reflective loss
26, 27,  28, 49, 97 & 380

Another reel had 30 degree damage to wood partial missing
Had dirt and debris on outer layer

One reel had
Main length of majority cable below maximum attenuated level
Two exceptions 614 & 686
Confirmed fractures at 12885 and 12887 feet
With two fibers about 600 feet shorter

Each reel said to have 13426 feet

So it appears that two reels have less than 20 feet damage and two the damage is within them

PICS & Test results