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Japanese Steel Coils – 2019 – new Buyers Wanted

August 29, 2019

54,000+ pounds for 7 total Osaka Japan Coils is the particular deal shown here below. All deals vary, other opportunities could be 1-3 up to multiple truckloads of coils available.

I’m looking for Any Local or Regional or preferably National Japanese Steel Coil Supplier who handles Unwinds who is a strong buyer of these coils. We have spotty coverage across the country and are looking for rock solid quick decision makers who can move forward immediately after notification of winning bid.

We get quite a bit of Coil opportunities through the year and I’m looking for a couple people to be my go to people for these types of deals. The offerings are not always Osaka Japan Coils or similar quality. This is a nicer example of the average / general damaged coils we see & a recent request for buyer,

Japan Steel Coil minor moisture damage - for sale - make offer
Typical light mild moisture damage on Japanese steel coils

54,000+ pounds for 7 total coils

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet in Coil

Origin: Osaka, Japan
 Size: 0.0093" NOM X 27.375" X COIL
 Specifications: ASTM A653 Grade 80 G30
 Other: Chromate, Dry, Zero Spangle, Non Skinpassed, Tension Leveled, Non-Fluting

Quality Thickness:
 Tolerance: +0.001" / -0.003" Guarantee, Aiming +0 / -0.003"

 During storage, some coils exhibited sweating and condensation as the
 warehouse was not climate controlled.

 White rust damages to Coil
 Rust damages along edge and on side of Coil
 Sporadic white rust stains on side of Coil
 Minor unwind or edge damage to a few coils

If this deal interests you and you are flexible with various damages opportunities, I would hit my contact form up and let me know the status of what you can handle & what limits/restrictions you place on yourself for viewing opportunities.

Strong coil buyers needed who can serve the whole country of America which handle not just physical damage as in dings or scrapes but also water contact with coils or moisture excess from improper storage.