Mimaki Printer UCJV300-160 Shipping Damage Texas

Mimaki Printer UCJV300-160 Shipping Damge

September 4, 2019

Looking for offers on this printer damaged in transport, Located in Dallas Texas.

Shipping Damaged Wide Printer for sale
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Flexible UV cure press In-Line Cutting capable.

The printer carton is badly distorted, punctured, and the pallet is broken. The puncture on the side of the carton appeared to be related to an external impact. Those are signs that the carrying carton may have been exposed to rough handling during transit. The printer shows some minor
superficial scratches on its sides as due to rough handling. There are white marks on the bottom
of the printer as related to hard landing impressions of the Styrofoam pieces. We noted a dark
liquid leaking from inside the printer, which was not clear whether it was oil or ink. Other than the
above there are no other signs of damages to the equipment itself.