2 (two) E3000s heating units Wacker Neuson damaged

December 18, 2019

E3000 Ground Heater Cement Curing solution for cold weather applications with generator & gas tank.

They have damages to them – they are both new ES3000 TOWABLE heater units… but need a little TLC.

DONT RENT when you can buy – we sell salvageable machinery & equipment which needs a little TLC to make right – often times not – in this case – I would suggest a little TLC to make road worthy.

Ground Thawing concrete curing machinery for contractors in colder climates.  385,000 BTU HEAT – we have 2 Hydronic Surface Heaters – make offer on one or both.

Self-contained E3000 trailer-mounted hydronic heaters are designed to operate on remote job sites. 

With accessories this heater will cure up to 18,000 sq. ft. or provide 535,000 cu. ft. of dry heat at 83% efficiency, the highest in the industry.

 Salvage Sale – This item was involved in a little mishap – some damage reported as listed below:

Assessment of the units revealed consistent damage to both units of the following components:

1. Base Frame dented (rear)

2.  Bent rear Axle in 1 unit, possibly both units

3.  Misaligned wheels on one of the units, possibly on both units.

4.  Front gas tank dented and bowed.

5.  Cladding damage in multiple areas around the front, rear and corners.

6.  Rear door broken

7.  Generator cabinet damage

8.  Lifting jack broken on one of the units.

9.  Boiler ductwork damage.

New with damages cement ground warmer

Wacker Neuson Surface Heaters for Thawing and Curing

Hydronic Ground Heater Salvage Sale

Good Btu Hydronic Surface Heater

Forget Rentals – Country Boy can repair this and have fully functioning cold weather solution.

Construction site ground heater reduces down time so work can continue in cold weather. These two new units need some repairs.

AC Diesel engine Generator Set 3000W 1800 PM

Accepting Offer, make your offer to sales@commercialpropertysalvage.com