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We focus on commercial property Salvage Sales of machinery, equipment & high technology electronics property.

We are about buying and selling damaged insurance claims.

Sales of damaged assets in the commercial property insurance industry through adjusters, carriers, risk managers, corporate lawyers, property managers. Call: 281-905-1574

We deal mainly with Mid-Large commercial property insurance sales of losses & their remaining settlement assets & inventories. We work like a consortium capable of being a one stop for any claims with damaged medical imaging equipment, microscopes, OR-rooms, including dated surgical inventories, etcetera.

Anyone who plans on participating in buying Salvage needs to review or page on Bid Expectations – second tab under buyers

The recovery assets we specialize and focus on are: Commercial Offset | Sheetfed | Digital Printing Presses, Medical Imaging & Hospital Equipment | Inventories, IT/Telecom Enterprise Datacenter, CNC Machines 7 years or newer, Damaged Electronics, High Tech.

Salvageable equipment that still has a Prime or Secondary market value.

Specialty equipment general and specific salvage sales recovery is where we shine.

Medical Imaging equipment, DataCenter Technology, Offset Lithograph equipment all hold good marketability for remanufactured or re-certified systems.

We are always Looking for quality Niche Specific experts who buy damaged assets within their wheelhouse!

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Three main focus areas of Salvage asset recovery: Medical, Technology, Printing Press

What ever types of salvage property you would have interest in making offers or bidding, Let me know!

Other General Salvage Niches that we also sell are: 
Oil & Gas Machinery & Equipment
Generators | Power Generation/Plants
Broadcast; Radio & Television Production Equipment
Inventories; commercial products & consumer
EQUIPMENTS | Machinery | Lasers
Metalworking: CNC & Lathes
Injection Molding Machinery
Heavy Equipment – construction machines

Salvage is more than just scrap, in the commercial property industry it very often still holds considerable value. We focus on the sales of high technology electronics, medical equipment & lithographic presses which holds good salvage value.

The property salvage we focus on usually is not going to be just a part’s machine nor scrap. Equipment focus is on reusable & rebuildable or repairable assets.

Our salvage can be anywhere from scratch & dent on a High Technology Data-Center Cloud Server, to a repairable or refurbish-able Medical Diagnostics machines Or a Sheet-fed press. Sometimes, they need minor repairs, sometimes a major rebuild and re-certification, it all depends on the nature of the incident. The focus will always be rescue of viable salvable gear.

If, the usual salvage we sell is not near prime it often can be made to be or is often a good secondary market asset.

Other items we deliver sales offers on can be acquisitions that got lost in shipping to gear used for a temporary time-frame during a business interruption.

We look for people who want to recapture these higher value assets at a reasonable number. If, you can convert assets damaged or not into a resell-able market I’d like to talk with you.

Naturally, we do also sell injured items because of their salvable nature that will lose a tremendous value in any resell situation, and we understand these situations and what you can glean from them.