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Commercial Property insurance is a foundational smart business protection strategy. More importantly utilized by those organizations, institutions, enterprises who have valuable contents, assets, specialized equipment, machinery and the likes.

Whatever the perils a business or institution covers their property against, including the self-insured, events happen, equipment, machinery or other property gets damaged & selling that property is often the best remedy for the perils of life. This is where we come in, as experts in selling a variety of general salvage to our special niches we can often give a reasonable return.

Selling damaged assets from the Four Cause of Loss forms, including helping property adjusters & carriers with salvage recovery services to the under-insured & for non-insured incidents.

Risk managers, Attorney’s, property managers, self-insureds, contact me with your damaged asset losses.

Focusing with Damaged Goods & Inventory Consumer or Bulk | With Special Niches or sub-niche Equipment & Machinery | High-Technology gear.

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Someones the misfortune of damaged property can be your reward, certainly there remains opportunity in all loss recovery.

Buyers/Bidders, if you are a go-to people for anything in your niche that needs a minor band-aide such as touch ups or even surgery like complete refurbishment & rebuilds & you can take a firm position with an offer to buy you can stand on, contact me.

We either buy directly through the insurance company taking a position on the assets, or we sell settlements still retained or owned by the carriers & in our facility or one of a 3rd party. We also step in when the insurance carrier wants to step away because of under insurance.

We see a broad variety of items as well as repeating types of gear: For instance water sprinkle contact with 5% of the contents of a consumer major appliance, to a highly customized machine, equipment, device that they may only make a dozen of these units a year. A broad industry sector or a sub niche of a niche narrow sector.

Whether a carrier is taking claims in-house or through TPA’s, if they delegate to us a loss in our specialty niches, your loss-ratio’s will improve.

Helping with salvage disposition among insurance companies, independent adjusters, Hospitals or self-insured’s – mainly work Nationwide in three divisions: Medical, Technology, Commercial Printing Presses.

We Specialize in the salvage recovery disposition of damaged losses and business interrupt temporary replacement assets. We do this by actually paying well for the settlements to begin with which means we collect more at the salvage sale, while retain less than other people in our industry.

Specialized Salvage Machines & Equipment are one primary focus. If you serve a broad niche that works too, however if you serve a narrow niche, when those deals are up, you will be prime ready to serve your niche and make appropriate offers. If you are a top player in a niche or sub niche, let me know.

Specialized Damaged Electronics: A broad category with a plethora of sub niches. Any High-Technology gear; 3D scanning systems, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Medical Diagnostic, Enterprise & Cloud Servers all the way down to your consumer large screen TV’s.