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We sell to Wholesalers, Dealer, Refurbisher, Remanufacturers, Overhaulers, Parts-Suppliers & Dismantlers, Rebuilders, Repairers, Restoration Experts & Secondary Market buyers who target specific niches.

Commercial Property Claims Handling | Insurance Services For the Commercial Property Recovery Industry.

Selling all types of insurance property losses and perils ranging from fire, flood or storm damage. From shipping damaged to lost in freight, we sell the commercial property contents, inventories, equipment, machinery or components.

All interested buyers should read our Bid Expectations page prior to making an offer.

If you restore equipment calibration to OEM performance specifications for functionality & appearance, contact me with your specialty!

Buyers who repair, rebuild, refurbish, remanufacture & restore assets like damaged machinery or equipment tell me what you are looking for.

Adjusters & Carriers NOTE: We promise you No-NEGATIVE recoveries (Fee based upon Sales.) Typical salvage returns we bring to the table are great with expenses totaling only a small portion of the recovery.

Commercial Property Carriers: Lower your Loss Ratio Limit on your paid claims.

Help sell or take position to maximize carrier recovery with commercial property settlements of damaged mid-large losses. Handling all forms of damaged electronics, technology or machinery; Contamination, Water, Soot, Smoke, Heat, Power Surges, Niche-market Equipment.

Insurance carriers | adjusters – Please check with us on damaged electronics before you decide to scrap them – we often can give you a return on items which would normally be ordered into landfills.

We take positions & possession on marine cargo including commodities, transportation & commercial property salvage claims and settlements, Nationwide. Often taking our position or selling the recovery from site.

Commercial Property Salvage Recovery Services: broom-sweep & removal | Mid & Large-Loss Settlement recovery for adjusters & carriers.

The recovery we specialize/focus in are for Medical | Printing | CNC | Tech salvageable equipment in Prime or Secondary market condition. Selling All Telecom & Enterprise DataCenter Technologies, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, Commercial Sheetfed | Offset Color Press Machinery & Late model focus on 7 Years or newer CNC / Lathes.

Secondary niches but not our bread and butter are: Energy: Oil & Gas | Power: Generators | Broadcasting | Exotic Vehicles | High-Value-Plastics | Inventories | Metalworking: CNC & Lathes | Injection Molding | Lasers | Heavy Equipment | Grains & Oils OR other Bulk Commodity items | Damaged Electronics

Salvage-Sale Buyers for a specialized niche, send me your interests and contact info.

Salvage Buyers also Review “Our salvage sales bidding process” under Buyers & then Bid Expectations, Thank you!

As an Asset Recovery Company dealing in the sale of settlements from Commercial Property losses, we see a wide variety of deals. Although we focus on Computer-Rooms / Datacenter, Technology, Medical Imaging , CNC / Lathes & Printing Press deals, we get a lot of general salvage property damaged & undamaged.

We may see old or new gear like salvage RVs, horse trailers with or without a sleeper, repairable bikes as in Motorbikes, Aviation Electronics, Industrial Machinery, Bulk commodities like sugar & coffee, used golf carts, bulldozers or other salvage construction equipment, or any other equipment salvage from bulldozers to Milling Machines.

You-Bid, usually on an unknown time-frame, however time auctions do come into play. Virtually all of our ‘salvage auctions’ can be sold for the right number asap. That means the first action-taker to the table with a good number wins. Our Salvage-Sale is unique in that we won’t try to stretch it out if we have a workable deal.