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After a claim is released to us, you will have a clean title without liens OR  salvage title with the same. Buy your salvageable industrial equipment at great prices because you make the offer.


Get on my buyers list for the damaged and used industrial equipment you want to buy.


Bidders review our expectations page.


Whatever niche you serve, we are looking for buyers.


Serve the Data-Center world? Medical diagnostics and equipment? Printing Press world? Those three are our primary focus niches. However, we sell salvage from many general categories.


Looking for capable people that can transform a damaged machine or piece of technology, into a restored equipment or rectified system for resell in prime condition, or merely as a secondary market less than prime value asset.


As a commercial insurance property salvage company, we see just about any kind of business machinery | equipment out on the market, some so new, their proprietary.


So don’t hesitate to send me your want list in the contact form.


As you would expect, accidents (Oops) by man, through acts of God, the deals can be a bit random, so don’t fret, they come and go. Just fill out the contact form with your interested niches, all contact details and any particulars of the salvage you care to share.


Whether you are looking for any general damaged equipment for sale so you can flip OR maybe you are repairing damaged equipment from salvage auctions or bid lots & selling equipment after restored, we got you covered.


Commercial property Insurance salvage sales covers the gambit of anything under the damaged asset business sun: Whether you want bulk commodities (including food), Industrial Machinery, Heavy Equipment or just general insurance salvage equipment for sale – we want to know what you would like to buy.


Secondary-market IT-aftermarket resellers who are buying and selling any form of damaged tech, we don’t just have preowned networking equipment, we get new or gently scratched high-quality hardware. Explore opportunities besides those overstock, canceled projects or off-lease gear sources.


Never worry about stolen or counterfeit hardware again, we generally know what assets are for sale & all come without liens – clear title, occasionally with transferable warranties.


Heavy equipment buyers who sell in the secondary marketplace or who totally rebuild machinery, time to time we get Iron in all sizes. Many of our construction pieces come from accidents, however some come off of job sites that were set up for a limited project. So, you too once in a while will get access to barely used big iron or just some good working used equipment.


Medical people, if you handle salvage or the refurbishment, re-certification or repair of any one of the followings for which you will offer fair market for, then let me know about: Imaging equipment, Patient monitors, Ventilators, Anesthesia machines, Surgical tables, Surgical microscopes, infusion pumps. Some damage is actual physical damage needing repairs others are cosmetic, and still other’s we get quite a few hospital assets that the equipment was just in the facility not necessarily even affected other than being on an inventory list.