Bid Expectations

Our salvage sales bidding process

Natural acts of God & man-made “slick moves” (accidents) bring loss & with it opportunity.

We offer interested parties opportunity to come to an agreement on an offer or participate bidding on specialty niche salvage deals.

ALL DEALS will HAVE CLEAR TITLE which will be given to you after full payment prior to load-out.

1) Your Offers are true offers – no tire kickers

2) Offers that are awarded generally have 24-48 hours to have money wired or risk forfeiture of the deal

3) People who abuse #1 or #2 will not be trusted in the future

4) You have your big boy pants on here: No soil in the shorts when it’s time to perform.

5) No PayPal & No Credit Card payments for your winning offer.

All deals unless a warranty for some reason carries over are sold AS-IS with all faults and No Warranty As-Always!

Many deals may have tape or tags that say SUSPECT or something similar. That’s natural even in events where there was nothing ever found or proven to be of damage. Some of these cases the asset could of been used for many months after said incident or claim. If there was anything KNOWN, you would have been informed already, so don’t freak out.

No testing machine or tools or work done on site as asset inspection unless prior intent & arrangement was disclosed & approved.

There is no law-a-way, or a payment structure where you are billed and pay net 30/90 days nor is there any structure to receive assets at your site, processed and settle up later.

A good deal is a two-edged sword & benefits both buyer and seller alike.

Our focus is with specialty niche market salvage deals where those bidding can make an offer and still have a good ROI.

We’re looking for buyers to make offer or bid in their specialty niches. If you’re strong within an area and reasonably strong with other ares related to that niche, we have a high interest to showing you a salvage deal that we can work together on sharing the pie.

Bid what works for your wheelhouse. If you serve a niche but the asset is of interest but you think shipping will kill your opportunity, put that behind you and bid on those specialty deals.

Obviously, if you have a specialty niche area of service for the salvage, you will be able to see more opportunity than those who are outsiders. Bid, where you know it should be & win the deal, then rebuild, reman, restore, repair, touch-up, then flip.

Our approach are like sealed bids. Make your best & highest competitive offer. This is not eBay, you don’t get t keep bumping and testing the waters to see where you can buy. You will be notified if you got the bid via email, with a possible text or call.

Inspection is possible on many of our salvage offerings, there is often no problem making a solid firm offer – pending inspection. 

On occasion, salvage opportunities do not afford inspections. If you have interest with the damaged asset regardless of inspection, I would provide two offers, one with inspection and the other without up front, to cover your bases.

If you’d like to go ahead and make the offer based on the situation, do so. Your best resolution would really be to tell me your highest offer should inspection go a breeze, and the mid or lower numbers if its worst than expected or just a parts machine. 

If you know you won’t take a parts machine, only a repairable or re-buildable system, share with me the specifics & your numbers.

If you are brand agnostic and buy any name brand, let me know. Likewise if you buy any salvage condition or only certain conditions, let me know.

If you buy assets regarding specific manufacturer brands only, let me know those brand names. If they may be other specialty salvage brands possible with restrictions to models or what-have-you, share with me that information.

We can take cashiers checks at our facility warehouse prior to load-out. If you won’t be sending wire, payment via FedEx or during load out is okay in most cases.

Away from our warehouse: We can take cashiers checks in many cases, or via FedEx or driver during load-out, however no truck leaves unless paid in full. These type of arrangements need to be approved during the bid process, not after you have been awarded the deal.

If it’s a super large deal with say in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range or above & 20 to 100 truck loads of inventory being exchanged, then some situations warrant a 50% down, with a part after loading starts, and last before finished. Some very unique situations we could end up doing a total 75% down, balance net 30.

NEW to buying real damaged specialty Salvage Opportunities?

We don’t do absolute no-reserve sales.

No Deposit is required to make offers on most of our deals.

If you want to place a deposit prior to inspection to lock in your offer, it’s appreciated!

Partial deposit prior to inspection are sometimes required. This can vary from 10% to 50%.

Some items are owned by the Insurance, Others by us or with our partners.

Again – You will have – Clear Title – on all deals.

No warranties, expressed or implied with few exceptions.

Minimum bid offers are generally not given. if so, they don’t reflect current bid, just a start.

Do not listen to hearsay, there’s been more than one who try to deter other bidders.

We’re not really doing an auction per se but we are, consider it like private sealed-bid.

There is no use asking where the offers are because we rarely ever give them out.

Those who make offer even if it’s not great, kudos to you, you’re higher up my food chain.

Those who fail to perform, you’ve made my NAUGHTY-LIST.

Some cases when we say XYZ-Dollar buys it: Play the hand or tell me you would need to fold.

Don’t worry about what others are bidding, do what you can do, but do bid it even if your on the other side of the world – in other words, don’t outbid yourself in your mind because your shipping charges are XYZ because your in California and the deal New York.

Some manufactures don’t care if their products were sold for insurance salvage on most claims, but others do. Some already know and will black-list assets, others will provide support with a fee… it’s really up to each vendor & some will still warranty on certain claims while others will sell you one after inspection or re-certification.

When Bidding is over, no additional salvage bids accepted even if they happen to be highest, however you can still make an offer in case the winner falls through – I’ve had several deaths of the owners over weekends over the last 10 years & had to revisit the deal – Or the offers were all insufficient to move forward, which in some cases we do revisit seeking additional offers, 

ALWAYS, make an offer if you can. Just because you hear Tom, Joe, or Sam bid, and you think there on top of your market so you don’t bid, but they didn’t give a serious bid or have financial or other logistics issues. I’ve seen past winners go too low by a few thousand because they think they have the salvage numbers pegged and loose to another bidder who bid where they should and could.

ALWAYS make your offer within the scope of what you can do no matter where you think the outcome. A pending salvage sale could fall through to you because funds were not sent within a timely manner, and if you’re close enough to them, you are next batter up.

Make real bids with your real firm number, not playing games benefits everyone, and your real number – you. I have seen so often 10 bids for instance. 2@10k, 3@12K, 3@15k, 1@20K, 1@25K – I’ve seen them stagger 1@80K, 2@100k, 1@120K, 1@200K, 1@300K, 1@310, 1@320K, 1@330K 1@350K. 

In the former deal above it can be sold for 20k & above, after contacting the 25K guy his bank is reported to be stuck – too much delay continues, true or not – I call the minimal accepted bid guy and award to them, they transfer funds – done.

In the latter salvage deal above it can be sold for 330K, but the 350 guy is off on vacation, can’t be reached or get to a bank for three weeks. I call the 330 guy and he’s at a funeral for three days without giving me his cell phone and the receptionist never sends him the message. I call the 320K guy & tell him what happened – then he gets back to me in an hour and asks for a few hours to double check to see if he can meet the number & can, then we pull the trigger with him them at 330. If I don’t have a day, I will let number 2 guy get back and call down the list to the 310 guy and say, 330 gets it now, you in? He wants to stay at 310, I call the 300 guy but he’s out of office then his office manger remembers our emails and calls and catches him at the golf club and he texts me and asks whats up – I tell him – he either is IN and gets the salvage deal or someone else gets back to me.