We Sell Internet Technology Data-Centers & Hardware Equipment.

Network Enterprise IT Telecommunication Server Storage Solution Providers, we get scratch and dent high-technology gear. Want to buy a Cloud Server?

Can also include carrier-class data center appliances.

It will fit your IT budget for sure, but it may not have a warranty although it’s new.

ShockDot ShockWatch impact indicators & shock sensors to name one, if they get tripped, even one corner out of a load, we can often end up with the whole shipment, down to just the pallet which was tripped. Sometimes it’s obvious that a server leaned over on a rough ride, while other times it could have very well been that forklift driver turning a hard corner or trying to squeeze one more crate into a truck.

New High Technology Cloud Server with scratch sold deep discount
Actual new High Technology Cloud Server sold at deep discount.

If that scratch saved you well over 100,000 dollars, what about over 200,000 bucks, would that salvage high technology item be worth buying?

If you think ALL electronic technology sold for salvage is equal and all of the damages must be beyond something you can re-sell or just deal with, you’re likely mistaken. Enterprise Internet Technologies & Data Center equipment & other assets from a processor to large-scale server systems. Whatever level you buy and sell Enterprise level technology, lets get on each others radar by providing me specific niche items you would bid on.

We also sell other high tech assets from Electron Microscopes & Clinical Analyzers, to Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Solar to 3D Metrology Scanning Equipment.

Can your company can salvage a technology from life’s damages & turn that gear into an opportunity? If you can, I want to know of you, send your details.

If you need IMMEDIATE Internet Technology gear like servers, storage, CRAC units or Cloud technology & we don’t have what you need, I suggest finding a good secondary market source from a google search like this: salvage datacenter electronics resellers buy sell used IT equipment.

All buyers & Bidders who are wanting to make offers and participate in either a private treaty offer or a general offering should read our expectations page.