We focus on all aspects of the medical industry:  From a complete hospital with all its equipment and inventories, to individual hospital or medical floors, rooms, wings.

Surgical tables, MRI’s, Anesthesia machines, Surgical microscopes, Ultrasounds, Lithotripter, etc.

Our primary focus here will be all Diagnostic imaging equipment, general and surgical Hospital equipment, dated surgical inventory & the likes.

Medical people, if you handle damaged or salvage or preowned equipment, let me know. If you restore damaged hospital assets to like new condition, get with me. 

For our medical deals you may look under our medical general link.

We also have a Medical Imaging | Hospital Equipment link.

And a Surgical link for everything related to surgical from eye to microscope or OR room related.

Feel free to peruse our salvage deals section in case an item gets lost and is just listed under general deals.

All buyers review expectations page prior to making offer.

Your best way to ensure that you are notified of the medical deals you are wanting to buy is to Be-on my targeted List today and describe to me deals that line up with your market.