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Using words like “Salvage” conjure imagery and reconstruct preconceived notions which may be holding you back.

In real world selling SALVAGE RECOVERY there can be all assortments of damaged asset (salvage) opportunity.

Damaged assets, equipment, machinery, inventory, electronics, brings to mind a whole host of ideas and preconceived imaginary.

Unless you know this industry sector really well, your notions might just be fiction.

We do our best to target all salvage opportunity we’re selling, to the right hands (niche buyer), where so that there is ample opportunity to take a damaged asset into a profitable ROI.

We focus selling salvageable assets to Wholesalers, Dealers, Refurb shops, Remanufacturers, Overhaulers, Parts-Suppliers, Rebuilders & Secondary Market buyers who specialize with specific niches.

There are salvage buyer opportunities with NO damage whatsoever, so far as to say occasionally even selling brand-new the asset with a warranty = That’s the ideal crème de la crème. Second two that or perhaps ahead of that, there instances where no damage or a refurb has already taken place.

There plenty of salvage deals where the damaged asset simply makes it just a little less than perfect. These can be scratches or dents, dings or minor original factory exterior packaging damages.

There also a plethora of buyer opportunity with a minor all the way up major damages, and all in between, there enough to warrant a substantial repair, refurbishment, overhaul or rebuild.

There could naturally be vast amounts of equipment damaged as to where the asset is only worth being labeled ‘JUST’ a parts machine or worst, scrap. We understand the secondary market selling channels and realize you need to maintain your profit margins, so don’t be afraid to make offers if the conditions match, just leave us a slice of pie and everyone’s good.

We usually sell the bulk of our salvage sales in every category except scrap.  However, if you are buyer in a niche that can extract value near the scrap level, and willing to make an offer above scrap, I’m sure in time we will have an opportunity for you as well.

Literally if you source Lithotripter tables for instance, one deal can be just a parts machine, and the next just a minor refurbishment process. That’s also considering the exact same conditions, applied with the exact same medical gear.

If you have no experience, or a bad experience dealing with insurance salvage sales – drop me a line, share your thoughts & concerns. I can assure you that if you are capable in your market niche serving the systems you do, you will eventually find buying salvage a good move.

Every interested salvage buyer seeking opportunity in their niche should read our bid expectations page.