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Besides our specialty focus areas of damaged asset recovery, here are some examples of Other Niches we sell, classified as general salvage deals.

Oil & Gas Machinery & Equipment
Generators | Power Generation/Plants
Broadcast; Radio & Television Production Equipment
Inventories; commercial products & consumer
EQUIPMENTS | Machinery | Lasers
Metalworking: CNC & Lathes
Injection Molding Machinery
Heavy Equipment – construction machines

If you serve any specialty niches let me know what specifically you’re looking for.

If you buy all general categories in your focus niche, advise as well.

If you strictly deal with B2B and want commercial inventory and machinery or equipment, be specific.

If you only want consumer inventory deals, let me know those niches.

If you only need industrial production or plant lines, let me know.

Whatever the specialized niches you handle, be as specific as you can as to which portions or equipment & machinery that you handle.

Telling me EVERYTHING, is not answering your special focus niche’s needs.

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